Easy on the Eyes

To start the week on a good note, I thought I would share some of my favorite home libraries that I saw while viewing Architectural Digest’s 25 Stunning Home Libraries slideshow (of course they’re all gorgeous–it was hard to whittle it down!). I also had fun pairing each library with a book I could see myself reading while in it. 


This library reminds me of the one in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast; I think it’s the light wood and open windows, and the fact that it’s two levels–how cool! The circular shape is also unique and emits a cozy vibe. I think this library calls for a read that’s set in the South, such as The Secret Life of Bees or The Help.


This library screams sophistication, elegance, and drama–I’m getting The Secret History vibes. Every inch of this space has specific details that make the entire design cohesive. Just look at the ceiling! I love the white-gray furniture against the black walls and bookcases. And who wouldn’t want to sit in front of that marble fireplace with a great read.


This is totally a library Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl would have in her NYC apartment. The sage green chairs complement the wood accents and white walls so well. Although I’ve never read it, in this space I would read The Devil Wears Prada or perhaps some other NYC-based book involving the fashion/beauty world.


This dark-toned library seems academic and detailed, yet simple–every item of decor is specific to the style; however, none of them overpower each other. I think I would read A Little Life in this library because I could see Jude working in this when he’s a bit older in the novel.

Which library was your favorite? What would your dream library look like?


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