Harry Potter Christmas Feast

Is it just me, or does anyone else wish they lived in Harry Potter’s world during the holidays? The Hogwarts feasts, the decorations, the Burrow’s cozy vibes–how could you not want to live in that world year round, but especially during fall and winter?

While browsing on Pinterest (yet again), I came across what is arguably the best pin ever pinned. The pin led me to PopSugar’s website where they did a spread on replicating a Harry Potter Christmas feast! Although this is a year old, I just knew I had to share it on here. The pictures are so gorgeous and I want to try out some of the recipes, including the Butterbeer and Mrs. Weasley’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Cookies. The Golden Snitch Chocolates are too clever, and the table decorations are perfect. I’ve yet to venture to Harry Potter World, and I think hosting a feast like this could fill the void for a little while longer.

(all images from PopSugar)


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