Review: The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

My boyfriend and I love watching Bob’s Burgers. For one, it features the same actor who voices Archer in Archer (another show we love), and two, its wicked funny. I honestly love every character: Eugene is hilarious, Linda is a dream, I wish I was Louise, but I’m more of a Tina, and Bob is a perfect dad to this crazy gang. When I found out there was a recipe book based on all of the burgers featured in every episode, I couldn’t resist buying it for my boyfriend’s birthday. I wasn’t expecting too much from the book, but we’ve been loving every burger we’ve made so far, so I thought I would do a review! 



In almost every episode of Bob’s Burgers, there is always some sort of pun-based burger listed on the specials board. Bob loves coming up with the names and recipes of these burgers, although his family thinks they can be kinda dorky. In The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book, authors Loren Bouchard and Cole Bowden, along with contributions from Bob’s Burgers writers, use recipes from the fan-created blog “The Bob’s Burgers Experiment.” There are around 75 recipes in this book that are all very real and pretty easy to make.



My boyfriend and I have probably made around 4 or 5 of the burgers so far, and every one of them has come out pretty good. The instructions are always easy to follow, and the ingredients are relatively easy to find despite a few of them being unique in each recipe. The recipes we’ve made are the One Horse Open Slaw Burger, The Six Scallion Dollar Man Burger, the Don’t You Four Cheddar ‘Bout Me Burger, the Texas Chainsaw Mass-Curd Burger, and the Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger. Our favorite burger so far was the Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger because it called for homemade fried pickles, which were reeeallly good and super easy to make. Not only are the recipes easy to follow, but they also include some humor and pictures that are related to the show. And each recipe also lists the season and episode in which the burger is featured; we will usually watch the episode while we eat our creations.


To Read or Not to Read

This book would be such a great gift for any Bob’s Burgers fan. I think they would love to recreate burgers from the show, and they would enjoy the humorous recipes.

Do you love Bob’s Burgers?


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