Bookends for Everyone

Everyone needs a good set of bookends to hold up their collection of books. Sometimes these can get pricy, especially when they’re cute. However, I found a few websites that offer DIY instructions on creating your own! There’s an option for almost every room in the house.

via Better Homes & Gardens

These would be cute for a child’s room as they’re soft and can be made to match any color room. You could also use more muted or neutral colors and place them in a living room or study.

via Refinery 29

These decorated rock bookends are extremely stylish and would dress up any home office or living room. These bookends are easy to customize and I love all of the different designs featured in the DIY instructions.

via bob vila

I love these salvaged bookends that are made from tools found in the garage. These would be perfect for holding up car manuals and other manuals found in the garage or even in a study/office. I love the iron clamps against the wood, and, to be honest, I think these would even look great in a rustic living room.

via Country Living

Succulents are all the rage right now, especially in farmhouse-style homes, and these bookends make use of that trend. These would even be cute if mason jars were used as the outer glass vase.

via Mod Podge Rocks

And last but not least, you can’t forget bookends to hold your cookbooks up in the kitchen.  These are super customizable and you could use a variety of colors to match your kitchen–although I do love the vintage-style ones that are depicted in the DIY insturctions. This project is a little more involved, but the result is impressive.

Which DIY bookend project was your favorite?


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