Not Just Books

Well this week was massively busy for me, and I wasn’t able to get up a post on Wednesday, but I’m definitely going to dedicate some time this weekend to getting organized and back on track! And now for some news…


New Cormoran Strike Book
J.K. Rowling tweeted out a hint on Twitter and a fan was able to guess the title of the new Cormoran Strike book. A reader correctly guessed “Lethal White” as the title. According to Rowling, the book isn’t quite finished, but she did assure the fan who correctly guessed the title that they will receive a signed copy once complete. I still have to read the third novel in the series, Career of Evil, but I’m excited to hear that Rowling is continuing the series.


Americanah Chosen for One Book, One New York Program
I mentioned this novel in a post last week, and I was excited to see that it was chosen to be read for the One Book, One New York Reading program. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s novel will be read and discussed throughout all five boroughs. In support of the program, and to make sure everyone has access to the novel, Penguin Random House will donate 1,000 copies of the novel to New York City public libraries.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.00.29 PM

10-year-old Comic Book Writer
After struggling with homelessness, Dominic Graves combined his love for comic books and cooking to create “The Comic Book Chef.” Graves’s family has used the period during which they were homeless to inspire strength and creativity rather than letting it set them back. The book is scheduled to be published in July. Graves’s younger brother is also a published author.


Gender-Specific Descriptions in Novels
I stumbled across this interesting article that discusses the differing adjectives used in novels when describing men and women. For example, the author found that more male characters muttered and more female characters murmured. And that more male characters shouted, while more female characters screamed. During his research, the author of the article also made sure to factor in whether the novels were written by men or women.


Do you have any interesting news or stories to share?


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