Not Just Books

This week the weather started to feel more like spring; it was 85 degrees where I live on Tuesday! In terms of my reading, I was able to finish On the Road, so hopefully I’ll have a review up next week. I only have a few things to share this week–so a quick read for your Friday!


The Oxford Comma Debacle
A court decision could cost a Maine-based dairy company, Oakhurst, millions of dollars due to the lack of an Oxford comma. In a Maine law that discusses overtime pay and exemptions, there is some ambiguity due to a list and a lack of a serial/Oxford comma. (Personally, I’m a huge proponent of the serial/Oxford comma!)


That Happy Family
When Vine was still a thing, I used to watch this family’s creative and cute videos. The dad is great at editing videos to make it seem like the children are doing the craziest things. I recently found out that they’re now doing weekly vlogs, and let me tell you, they warm my Saturday mornings.


13 Reasons Why
I haven’t read this book, but I was interested to see that’s being turned into a Netflix series, with Selena Gomez serving as the executive producer. However, my sister has read it and she didn’t seem too enthused or offer a great recommendation. I actually haven’t read any YA novels in quite some time, but I was really into John Green, Laurie Halse Anderson, and similar authors during middle school so I still hold a soft spot for the genre.


Have you read Thirteen Reasons Why, and if so, did you like it?


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