Not Just Books


Springtime Succulents
If you’re anything like me, at the first sign of Spring, you start buying all the plants you see. I love spending my weekends at various nurseries and finding different plants and flowers to adopt and take home. I recently decided to try my hand at succulents and found this website that offers thorough information specifically guided toward growing succulents indoors. I’m truly someone who is guilty of overwatering plants, so the watering section was extra helpful for me.


Finding Your Perfect Match
I just stumbled across this advice column in the NYT that gives recommendations to book lovers. I love the idea of readers writing in to get their personalized book recommendations. This reminds me of the #askalibrarian hashtag that circulates on Twitter in which users can ask librarians for some insight on new reads.


Rereading Harry Potter
I’m planning to reread Harry Potter and I was browsing different sites to see if anyone has written a post regarding this topic–of course plenty of people have. In this article, the author describes the top 5 reasons why you should reread Harry Potter, and I’m really excited to get started.


Do you have anything exciting to share this week?


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