May Reading Goals

Man, we are just cruising through the year. Since I had a slow reading month in April, I’m thinking that May might be a good month to get through some pieces I’ve been meaning to read, which includes books that I’ve had on my shelves for a while. I also plan to head to either my local B&N or used bookstore to stock up and scavenge for works that are on the RGRC list.


1. Finish Funny Girl by Nick Hornby. 
I wrote about this novel in my April Goals, but I didn’t get to finish the book quite as quickly as I had intended. I’m hoping to finish the novel this month and write a review to publish.

2. Read The Jane Austen Book Club by Karen Joy Fowler. 
I mentioned this book in this post from awhile ago, but I think it would perfectly ease me back into a routine of continuous reading. Sometimes we all need a feel-good read to pick us up now and again.

3. Pick a book to read from the RGRC.
In order to stay on track with the loose guidelines I’ve given myself, I really should figure out the next novel I’m going to read from the list—and pick it up if need be!


Do you have any goals for the month?


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