Not Just Books

Back again for another round of Not Just Books. Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying this week:

never judge a book by its movie

Silver Screen Debuts
Similar to the post I published earlier this year, Time came out with a list of books to read before their movies are released. Wonder by R.J. Palacio sounds really interesting.


Paula Hawkins Interview with the LA Times
In this article, the interviewer asks Hawkins some great questions about her writing process, the movie adaptation of The Girl on the Train (see my review here), and what we can expect from her new novel, Into the Water. I picked out my favorite question and answer above.


Blooper Reel
Ok, nothing about this is newsworthy per se, but this week I’ve been watching a lot of blooper and outtake videos of some of my favorite shows, such as The Office, Seinfeld, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Since I’ve rewatched The Office numerous times, I’ve started paying attention to the actors that aren’t the focal points of scenes to see if they’re about to laugh or can’t keep a straight face—especially during the funniest Michael Scott moments. The link above is only one of the many videos I’ve enjoyed watching.


What has been on your radar this week?


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