Not Just Books


Emma Watson Wins First Gender-Neutral MTV Movie and TV Award
This past weekend, Emma Watson won an MTV Movie and TV Award for her work as Belle in Beauty in the Beast. The coolest part? The award was gender-neutral—it could have been won by a man or a woman. In her acceptance speech, she celebrated the award, as “acting is about the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes” regardless of your gender. You can check out a full video of her acceptance speech here.


Thirteen Reasons Why—Season Two?
I just watched the first episode of Thirteen Reasons Why—yeah I know I’m behind on the times—but I honestly wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch it. I have read numerous articles celebrating and chastising the show for its depiction of mental health and suicide. I just heard that there is going to be a season two. What did you guys think of the show—positive or negative?


Harry Potter Jokes
Since I’ve decided to reread Harry Potter, I’ve been looking up different posts about rereading the series to see what others say about the adventure. In my reading, I came across a Buzzfeed article that collected a plethora of jokes about Harry Potter and I thought it would be fun to share here! Some of them are actually pretty funny…


Did you come across anything fun, cool, or newsworthy this week?


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