Top 5 Most Beautiful College Libraries

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but I sure did judge these libraries based on their architecture and decor. It’s hard to resist a library with iron details, long wooden tables, and gorgeous overhead chandeliers. It’s even harder to resist libraries that look as though they should be part of Hogwarts. I rounded up my top 5 college libraries–and the list is entirely based on their looks. Continue reading


Rao’s “An Elegy for the Library”

This week I stumbled across an opinion piece that was published in the Sunday edition of The New York Times on February 17. The title immediately caught my attention and I knew I should use it for a post on this blog. Mahesh Rao’s piece, “An Elegy for the Library,” is a poem of sorts to be read by every bookworm, avid reader, and casual skimmer alike.  Continue reading

Libraries of My Life

This wouldn’t be a proper book blog if I didn’t spend some time gushing about beautiful libraries. I’ve spent my fair share of time studying, working, and browsing in libraries. My mother is a librarian, and my sister and I have both worked in libraries. At least for my age (early twenties), I’m probably an expert concerning libraries. Recently, I stumbled across Business Insiders’ article on The Most Beautiful Library in Every US State, and I obviously wanted to share this with you guys. I wanted to also share a few of the beautiful libraries I’ve spent time in during my short life thus far.

You might even learn a little more about me as well… Continue reading